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Muzzle Devices

Brand: EMG
FeaturesBuilt-in Lithium Battery. A fully charged battery can provide 4 hours of useLow battery reminder function to protect your battery's lifeLicensed from Noveske w/ laser engraved trademarks and logosBuilt in motion sensing which can maintain up to 35RPS trackingTwo modes: "fire" simulation on a..
$58.00 $79.99
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Brand: EMG
FeaturesBuilt-In ACETECH Blaster Rechargeable TracerImproved illuminator for enhanced BB glow activation for an ultra bright traceSustained ROF up to 35 rounds per secondRechargeable built in Lithium Polymer battery; fully charged battery will last over 22,000 rounds. Open the flash hider and charge..
$79.00 $99.99
Ex Tax:$79.00
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