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Logistics Guarantee

We have launched an additional service: "Logistics Guarantee". This additional service can be optionally purchased. Customers who purchase this additional service will enjoy 100% guarantee of "loss compensation" for their packages.


  • Members can purchase logistics protection during the order process. The fee is 10% of the product value and is charged together with the product fee (minimum fee: $30)



  • If the package is completely lost, the compensation amount is the total value of the package and 100% of the shipping cost of the package.
  • In the event of partial loss, will review the claim upon receipt of the request. The amount of compensation will be determined based on the audit results
  • Compensation will be based on the value of the package or the order sales price (whichever is lower)
  • The maximum compensation amount per package is $5,000 USD

  • If the packaged items cannot be used normally, the amount of compensation will be determined based on the audit results.
  • The maximum compensation amount is 30% of the shipping fee and $100 of the product price.
  • No compensation will be provided if the package encounters the following conditions:
    • Packed well;
    • The outer packaging is twisted, destroyed or damaged, but the contents are not actually damaged;
Not included in the coverage

natural disaster
  • Any damage/loss that may be caused by
    • natural deterioration or loss
    • Severe weather, lightning strikes, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters during transportation
    • any temperature or humidity changes
    • Natural disasters may include, but are not limited to, earthquakes, tornadoes, storms, floods, fires, plagues, fog, snow, frost or geological disasters
unforeseen circumstances
  • Packages with incorrect delivery address, inaccurate order information, or no signature
  • Suspicious or fraudulent orders, or the buyer cannot be contacted
  • The package lacks a valid signature from the consignee at the warehouse or certified proof that a responsible overseas courier delivered it to our overseas warehouse
  • The delivery address is wrong or inaccurate and inconsistent with the address provided in the Member Center
  • Package lost due to recipient's fault
  • Losses caused by market price fluctuations
  • Shipping accidents, invasions, riots, strikes or other regional disputes during package transportation, such as civil unrest, terrorist attacks or wars
  • radioactive contamination
  • control sanctions
  • Any temporary prohibition or restriction on the export or import of goods imposed on any export or service area of ​​
How to claim

Precautions for receiving goods
  • Check whether the package is intact and there is no significant difference between the estimated weight and the actual weight
  • Regardless of the condition of the outer packaging, please first inspect the package in the presence of the courier or relevant staff, and then sign the courier's delivery note
  • If a package or its contents are found to be damaged, please prepare the following documents and retain all packaging and contents of the package until the review is completed
    • Proof of purchase, such as transaction history
    • Parcel packaging photos
    • Photos of the contents of the package
  • If a package or its contents are found to be damaged, you have the right to refuse to sign any documents from the courier and to have the package photographed immediately
General claims process
  • Applicable to claims for damaged or lost packages
  • Please send the above documents to with the subject of the email as "Member ID+Order Number+Claim"
    • Proof of purchase, such as an invoice or transaction record (including the content and value of the product)
    • Order notification email
    • Photos of packaging and package contents (if available)
  • reserves the right to reject a claim if any of the above documents are missing or we are unable to confirm the necessary details
  • Please retain all packaging and contents of the package until the review is completed
  • After providing all necessary documents, we will respond within 7 days
  • No compensation claims will be accepted after more than 24 hours after receiving the package.
  • If the package remains unclaimed for more than 30 days after arriving at the destination, no compensation claim will be accepted.
  • Once the claim is completed, members will receive an email notification