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Spring guns are manual, spring-powered air guns in which you fire each round by pulling the bolt into the locked position, like most sniper rifles.

Airsoft pistols are powered by CO2, propane or gas.

Powered similarly to what's inside an RC car, electric airsoft guns (AEGs) are designed for easy troubleshooting, high power and high rates of fire, and are the most popular form of regulated sporting events.

Accuracy in Airsoft starts with good Airsoft BBs. we only carry precision BBs. Precision BBs provide consistency to prevent jamming and minimum diameter deviation to provide optimized performance.

The chart below is for reference only - the best way to determine the optimized BB weight for any particular gun is to shoot them, as every brand of gun is designed a little differently.

BB Weight
200-280 FPS
240-350 FPS
330-420 FPS
350-480 FPS
390-500 FPS
400-600 FPS
450-600+ FPS

Hop-up is a device installed between the inner barrel and gearbox of an Airsoft gun to create "back-spin" effect on Airsoft bbs as they are projected out of the barrel to provide counter-gravity / longer range.

Hopup Adjustment 101:
Goal: Have your bb fly as far and as accurate as possible!
Key: Select the right bb and adjust your hopup strength accordingly.

Muzzle velocity (muzzle velocity) refers to the instantaneous velocity of the bullet fired by the gun when it flies away from the exit of the barrel. The unit is usually expressed in meters per second (m/s) or feet per second (ft/s or fps). express. The muzzle velocity can be combined with the mass of the bullet to calculate the muzzle energy. For the same warhead, the greater the muzzle velocity, the farther the flight distance, and the greater the kinetic energy. 330 FPS: 330 ft/s (100 m/s)

Our extensions are designed to work specifically with their intended magazine, the slightest off-angle may cause failure to feed or other malfunctions.

Since anodizing is an imperfect process, our color shades may vary between manufacturing batches and pictured products.

1. Compared with green gas, CO2 has higher pressure, higher muzzle velocity, greater power and farther shooting speed

2. After about 20-30 rounds of bullets are fired by green gas, the temperature of the magazine will become lower, and the temperature needs to drop before it can be fired again. CO2 is not affected by temperature and can be played at any time

3. CO2 is a high-pressure gas and will not affect the transmitter. Long-term use of green gas will corrode the internal structure of the magazine and the gun body, requiring regular maintenance to prolong the life of the air gun